Blog 350, 7/17/16 - Roths Win WSGA Parent/Child Championship Again

Bellingham's own Craig and Cody Roth won the Washington State Golf Association (WSGA) Parent/Child Championship for a second time, Friday.

Blog 349, 7/8/16 - Murphy and Gorbahn advance to US Amateur from Loomis Trail

Murphy and Gorbahn advance to US Amateur from Loomis Trail.

Blog 348, 6/21/16 - Just How Many Bullets Did the USGA Dodge?

Heavy rain, Dustin Johnson’s superb final round, and an audience that had become indifferent to the prize-giving ceremony, allowed the USGA to avert a total disaster at the US Open.

Blog 347, 6/13/16 - Is Anyone Actually Going to Enjoy This?

This year's version of Henry Fownes's revered layout at Oakmont Country Club might be the toughest golf course ever seen at a major championship. Most competitors in the 156-strong field are going to have a hard time maintaining a sense of humor.

Blog 346, 6/2/16 - Who's Really Cherry-Picking the Figures?

The two sides of the golf ball debate are entrenched and vociferous, boldly claiming the ball either goes far father than it should, or it’s about right and far from out of control. Count me in the former camp.

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