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About Us

The idea for, or something like it, came about in January 2009. I had neither the time nor cash to do anything about it though, so I pushed it to the back of my mind where it bubbled away, expanded and finally exploded in November when I realized that instead of just talking about it I should actually do something about it too.
It is, in short, my ode to golf in Bellingham, my beautiful hometown in the far top left corner of your US map; a town which, I learned the other day, is known as the 'City of Subdued Excitement' and has, in its time, been named one of the ten most dog-friendly cities in America, one of the top eleven cities for clean air (which means it was eleventh), one of the top-ten places in which to retire, and the country's 33rd  'hippest, healthiest, and most adventure-packed' small city. Which is nice.
The site is meant, first of all, to be a good source of information. Local golfers can come here to see instruction from their club’s professional, read the equipment reviews, and glean something useful from the travel stories. They’ll also hopefully enjoy the feature article that will focus on a Bellingham-based business or individual of interest.
But the site isn’t aimed at local golfers alone. The tips the professionals give here are applicable wherever you play the game, of course. They should work in Bellingham, and elsewhere. And it’s not as if the equipment reviews or travel stories apply only to to us Bellinghamsters (yes, Bellinghamsters). A good club will likely perform here, there and everywhere. And though we might be starting our journeys to Kauai, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Thailand or Whatcom County's Dakota Creek from different places, the various destinations will be no less enjoyable or over-rated, good value or over-priced for you as they are for us. So, there’s hopefully something here for everyone.
There’ll also be a blog which, if things work out as planned, will be updated six, five, four, three times a week and comment on everything from what's going on with Tiger Woods these days to the new menu in the Lake Padden/Shuksan/North Bellingham/Sudden Valley clubhouse (I know plenty of people for whom the menu changes are way more important).
There are plans to introduce more categories and features in the future and invite others to contribute - it will be good to get a different perspective, and nice for Bellingham golfers to hear their courses are fantastic from someone other than me.
I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. Comments, reviews and feedback - positive and negative - are always welcome. Actually, negative feedback isn’t welcome at all, but may be useful. So lay it on me; let me know what you like and dislike, find useful and useless.

Launch high, score low.
Tony Dear

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